Illustration Promotional Mailer

As a freelance illustrator, this is something I've been meaning to do for quite some time. The online resources for promos seem very limited so I hope that my post will help out someone in the future. This was also a learning experience for me as well... so bare this in mind.

In my envelopes, I included the following: An art postcard, a business card, a self addressed postcard(stamped) and a short letter explaining why I am contacting the art director.

An important aspect of my mailers is the stamped, self addressed postcard. This would essentially be something that the art director would fill out and mail back to me. Hopefully with comments or feedback of any kind. I got this idea from reading Laura Wood's post here. Please give it a look, she also has a lot of valuable information concerning promo mailers. On the postcard it reads the following with check boxes:

-I like your illustrations!
-Please send me a full portfolio
-I'll keep your samples on file.
-Please send me new samples periodically.
-Unfortunately your samples are not appropriate for our current needs.
Underneath is a small section and lines for comments. If this is something you would be interested in doing, be sure to apply stamps on the postcards addressed to you. This makes it easier for the Art Director and will hopefully make them more opt to reply.

For those curious to see the front and back of my art postcard, I posted a screenshot.

Front of postcard:

Back of postcard:

What have I learned from this experience? SET DEADLINES. I originally started the art for the postcard itself back in July. I worked at it on and off and took a long break around the holidays. Higher priorities came up and this project sort of took a back burner for a while. I will say however that when I got around to writing down addresses and sealing the envelopes... it felt GREAT! Even if I don't get any responses with the self addressed postcards, this was still a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it again later in 2014!

NOTES: I printed the postcards at 
Gotprint ...ordered some address labels from Overnight Prints ...and got the envelopes from Action Envelope. I chose theses websites for quality and cost reasons and would highly recommend all three to anyone wanting to sent out promo mailers.


  1. I love how clean and fancy your stuff looks. :) Thanks for posting your resources too!

  2. This was so helpful, thank you so much for sharing this information.